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The construction industry used to run on handshakes and promises. That was a simpler time, but as construction trades have grown more complex and specialized, so too have the legal ramifications of the agreements that guide the work itself.

Today, contractors and subcontractors who do not use written contracts put themselves at a serious disadvantage. Written contracts are more or less standard in the industry, and depending on your work and the licensing rules of your jurisdiction, a written contract may even be mandatory.

Free Roofing Contract Template

‘Getting it in writing’ doesn’t mean that the actual contract needs to be some complex, long-winded document full of confusing legal language. At 葫芦影业APP, we believe that in most cases, complex things can be made simple. That’s why we created this simple roofer contract template — to provide a free, easy-to-use template for roofing contractors that want to get their jobs in writing.

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Roofing Contract Template

Download a simple, clear roofing agreement template for contractors to use on a variety of projects.

We Understand Roofers’ Payment Challenges

Look, we get it! Roofers have a bit of a unique position in the construction industry. The work can stack up quick, especially after a natural disaster, and it’s hard to keep track of (much less review) contracts for all of the different jobs in the pipeline. Still, written contracts are a must. Plus, since work is often being paid by insurance, they’ll often require the job be put to writing.

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Further, it’s important to know exactly what’s in that contract. If the warranty is too broad, you could get stuck doing free repair work until the end of time. What if another contractor screws up and damages that beautiful roof you just installed? Are you going to be on the hook for that repair? What’s more – if one of those natural disasters we just talked about comes through, are you going to be responsible for leaks and holes created by an Act of God?

All of these reasons (and more) are just more evidence that a contract needs to be in writing, and that written contract is one you need to be able to understand. Download a free copy of our Roofer Contract template. It’s written simply, just like a contract should be. Plus, it’s editable in MS Word – so you can make all the tweaks you like!

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Roofer Contract - Free Template Download. Today's construction industry requires that agreements be put in writing. But that doesn't mean your project/job contract has to be complex! Here's a free, downloadable template for a simple roofer contract.
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