Photo of construction worker in a hard hat looking over an in-progress residential structure. Upper right corner displays the Welcome Home Community Housing Fund and a "Nevada" label.

Lack of affordable housing is a large problem throughout the United States, but Nevada’s Clark County is taking a major step forward to create affordable housing — which is going to lead directly to some major construction projects for contractors in the area.

In early September 2022, the Clark County Commission close to $120 million in funding to finance the development of just over 3,100 housing units for seniors and low-income families in the county.

“Through the county’s investment in Welcome Home, we are pursuing long-term solutions to the affordable housing challenges we face in our region to help ensure that more of our residents have a place to call home,” said Clark County Commission chairman Jim Gibson.

With a population of over 2.2 million residents, Clark County has almost 75% of the entire population of the state of Nevada, and includes the entirety of the Las Vegas metropolitan area — making an investment of this size a hugely impactful one for the residential construction sector and especially for those with history in affordable housing projects.

In total, the funding will lead to the construction of 2,139 new housing units alongside the rehabilitation of 967 existing housing units throughout Clark County. This current round of funding is focused on supplementing other financing sources for already-planned projects, leaving work in the hands of non-profit organizations focusing on housing assistance. 

Funded organizations and projects

The total $119,999,500 in funding is being spread out amongst 19 total affordable housing projects in the county. A number of these projects are being run by the same organizations, with 10 being in charge of the 19 funded proposals.

At the moment, no announcements have been made on partnerships for construction, though many of the organizations already have affiliates for general contracting (such as Nevada HAND and its ).

The include:

4000 E Desert Inn Propco, LP

  • 4000 E Desert Inn — $4,000,000 awarded
    • New development for families, ~60% AMI

Accessible Space, Inc.

  • 12 Accessible Space Inc. rehab projects — $1,699,500 awarded
    • Numerous rehabilitation projects for disabled people, seniors, and families, 30-50% AMI

Affordable Housing Programs, Inc.

  • Marion De Bennett Plaza, Phase II — $3,150,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, 30%-50% anticipated income level (AMI)
  • Redevelopment of James Down Towers — $4,500,000 awarded
    • Rehabilitation project for seniors, 60% AMI

BRAD Stewart Homes, LP

  • Desert Rose Apartments — $12,000,000 awarded
    • Rehabilitation project for families, ~60% AMI

Community Development Programs Center of Nevada

  • 1501 LLC — $2,300,000 awarded
    • New development for families, 40% AMI
  • Donna Louise Phase 2 — $500,000 awarded
    • New development for families, 60% AMI

Coordinated Living of Southern Nevada, Inc.

  • Arby Senior Apartments — $15,000,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, 60% AMI
  • Decatur and Rome Apartments — $12,500,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, 50-60% AMI
  • Pebble and Eastern Senior Apartments — $10,000,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, 50-60% AMI
  • Tempo IV Senior Apartments — $4,500,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, ~60% AMI

Nevada H.A.N.D., Inc.

  • Boulder & Gibson Apartments (St. Jude’s Ranch) — $11,300,000 awarded
    • New development for youth and families, 50% AMI
  • Buffalo & Cactus Apartments — $8,550,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, ~60% AMI
  • Buena Vista Springs III Apartments — $1,800,000 awarded
    • Combination new development and rehabilitation project for seniors, 50% AMI
  • Decatur & Pyle 1 Apartments — $3,500,000 awarded
    • New development for families, 50% AMI
  • Decatur & Pyle 2 Apartments — $11,700,000 awarded
    • New development for families, 60% AMI

RISE Residential

  • The Cine Apartments — $4,000,000 awardeed
    • New development for families, 60% AMI

Silver State Housing

  • West Sahara Senior Housing — $6,000,000 awarded
    • New development for seniors, 50-70% AMI

Volunteers of America National Services

  • The Homestead at Boulder City — $3,000,000 awarded
    • Combination new development and rehabilitation project for seniors and veterans, ~60% AMI

Nevada payment rules and protection for contractors & subcontractors

Commissioner Gibson that the projects aren’t going to be run by the government, with the funding only meant to bridge the gap in financing for these projects so they can begin. So, it’s important for any contractors who get involved in the projects to keep an eye on deadlines and requirements for prompt payment, preliminary notices, and mechanics liens on private jobs in the state.

Nevada’s prompt payment laws have a number of rules in place to protect contractors on private and public construction projects, such as deadlines governing payment deadlines and financial penalties.

The state’s mechanics lien laws are also very inclusive and include wide protection that includes any party who provides at least $500 of labor, materials, or equipment to a construction project.

What’s next for affordable housing in Clark County?

According to Clark County, future uses of this round of funding will include financing for home ownership, the development of a Community Land Trust, and further investments in affordable rental housing. There is also the potential for a future funding round that would support permanent housing projects, with the additional possibility of affordable housing development on Clark County land.

The county’s noted that officials are already in negotiations with an unnamed developer to build more than 100 affordable homes, with the possibility that more such work will follow in the future.