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Welcome to our community of thousands of contractors and suppliers making construction payment fast, easy, and friendly.

We have recurring payment classes that give you a deep dive into your account and how to apply best practices for getting paid quickly and ensuring smooth jobs.

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Below are tutorials you can use to quickly get set up in your account.

How to Set Up Your Account

Setting up your account just takes a few minutes! For a more in-depth view of getting your account set up for success, watch this prerecorded 葫芦影业APP 101 webinar:


Setting up your account should just take a few minutes. Start by adding your company info, lines of business, and then some recent jobs so you can start tracking deadlines, sending documents, and managing all your jobs in one place. We recommend starting with the .

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Step-by-step Instructions

How to Add a Job

There’s lots of ways you can get jobs into your account. You can add it manually every time you accept a job or set up an integration, import, or other methods to get it in faster! Here we’ll talk about how to add one manually, but please reach out to our support team if you have any questions about other methods!

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Track Your Deadlines

Adding important dates to your jobs is imperative for tracking your deadlines!

Keeping track of what is legally required of you on a construction project is a real headache because it changes depending on the state, project type, and who you were hired by. Then, keeping track of when the different documents are due is another added layer of confusion! Luckily, you have 葫芦影业APP to do all that for you so that you can be sure your jobs are protected and your payments are prompt.

Let 葫芦影业APP walk you through each step of a job with Project Milestones. Find out what is required of you based on the job details and state you’re working in while also seeing optional documents that are helpful in prompting and speeding up payment.


Adding and updating dates to your jobs is very important! It helps us calculate your deadlines so you’re sending the right document at the right time. in 葫芦影业APP so you can stay on top of your deadlines.

Step-by-step Instructions

Send a Document

Once you have your dates and know your deadlines, sending a document is easy!

to send a document and secure your lien rights.

Pro tip: Want to set every job up for success? Watch this webinar to see what you should do at the start of every job. Watch now!

Add Your Invoices

Adding your invoices into 葫芦影业APP is crucial for ensuring your documents go out at the right time for the right amount (especially if you do work in Texas). Here’s how you can easily keep track of your AR and AP:

to add invoices to a job you can get suggestions on documents that can speed up payment!

Import your Jobs & Other Data

There’s several ways you can get your jobs into 葫芦影业APP.

Do-it-Yourself Imports

You can easily upload your spreadsheets into 葫芦影业APP on your own! Doing this, along with managing your preferences on how we work with your data, can help save you time and ensure accuracy for your document sending process. , click the settings wheel in the top-right and select 鈥淒ata Importing鈥 in the drop-down. Follow the on-page instructions on that page to import your jobs super fast and simply!


AR, AP, and Project Imports

Don鈥檛 have enough time to enter all your jobs yourself?聽 Add a custom spreadsheet import to your plan, pull reports, and send them to us whenever is convenient, and we鈥檒l handle the rest! Use these sample spreadsheets as a guide:


We also have integrations with common tools like Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Procore, and Redteam. If you’d like to learn more about how to get those integrations set up, please visit the integrations tab.

Set Up Your Queue

If you鈥檝e setup Document Rules in 葫芦影业APP, you鈥檙e on the path towards simplifying and automating your document ordering process. Your documents now pull into one area of your account 鈥 the Queue 鈥 where you can approve, snooze, or cancel them as needed.

Queue FAQs & Resources

Step-by-step Instructions


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